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LED Products

The Commercial LED’s is the best choice for LED lighting projects. 

Together with our partners, we provide professional solutions for energy management in many commercial segments by lowering costs, providing top-notch quality lighting.

All of our fixtures, such as 
  •  LED Area lights
  •  LED Floodlights
  •  LED Wall Pack lights
  •  LED High Bay lights
  •  LED Canopy lights 

are certified with DLC, UL, ETL, LM79, LM80

The Commercial LED’s means
  •  Excellent Products
  •  Great Services
  •  Fast Shipping 
The Commercial LED’s Key Components 
 International brands of LED chips like
  •  Samsung
  •  Nichia
  •  Phillips 
  •  Epistar 

  Top Notch Drivers like 

  •  MeanWell 
  •  Inventronics 
 Top-Notch Heat Sinks
  •  Long-life Rubycon Capacitors

UV LED Nail Lamp

The Commercial LED’s specializes in UV LED salon graded nail dryers, a brand trusted by over a lot of professionals and salons globally for its premium quality and ease of use.

Quick-Drying and Wide Compatibility:
Your average curing time is shortened by 50% with The Commercial LED’s. Fast curing with all your favorite nail gel brands from beginner to professional grades. The exact curing time of your nail polishes, bases, top coating, and gels can be found on its product packing or user manuals.

Safe and Comfortable:
The Commercial LED’s is a fingernail & toenail ready dryer, equipped with 30 LED beads. No more dizziness or uncomfortable eyes with its enhanced white light source.

Smart Sensor and Adjustable Timer:
The Commercial LED’s smart sensor allows the automated curing process to start without manual operations.
It is adjustable in 3 timer settings of 5s/30s/60s and one automated setting at 99s.
The Commercial LED’s is ideal for home and salon use, it takes your manicure and pedicure experience to a whole new level!

What You Get:
1 x Premium The Commercial LED’s UV LED Nail Lamp,
1 x adapter, 
1 x user manual.

Portable Nail Dril Set

The Commercial LED’s Nail Drill Set:

➣ Elegant Packaging with The Commercial LED’s logo and comes with 11pcs different 3/32” shank drill bits, multi-functional for easily grinding, carving, cutting, polishing, removing gel polish and cuticles for both acrylic nails and natural nails.

Adjustable Speed and Direction:
Speed control button to adjust the speed 0-20,000 RPM. and the design with forwarding and Reverse rotation directions are suitable for any right-handed or left-handed use.
It makes this electric nail file easier to smooth your nails.

Portable & Compact Design:
This Nail drill machine is made of high-quality metal, tiny and lightweight design, easy to handle and carry anywhere.

Powerful Function:
Professional high-tech speed bearing and motor, It makes the electric file low heat, low noise, and low vibration.
Just need to connect the power cord to start working. It is professional for both home, salon, and school use.

LED Light Modules

The Commercial LED’s Module Lights

➣ High-Quality Super Bright 

The Commercial LED’s LED Sign Module Lights with 3pcs 5730 LED’s with lens per module,40-45LM Per LED

➣ Color: White Single, Red/Green/Blue Colors available

➣ Waterproof

➣ LED Modules with 3M Tape adhesive backside, Peel and Stick

➣Easy to use

➣ Low power consumption, High energy efficient

➣ Applications: Interior & Exterior Lighting, Window LED’s, Letter sign, Stair lighting,  Advertising, Garden, Boat Cabin, Deck lighting

LED Plastic Channels

The Commercial LED’s

39″ Plastic Channel for 5050 Driverless LED Strip

The Commercial LED’s  Solid 39″ Plastic Channels for 5050 Driverless LED Strip Lights are an excellent linear lighting solution for housing single color driverless LED Strip Lights.

➣ Each channel is custom-designed to only fit most of the universal White and Red/Green/Blue Color Driverless LED Strip Lights.

➣ Each plastic channel is 39 inches long, making it suitable for projects that require long straight runs eliminating the need of using multiple brackets while also preventing light strips from drooping or sagging.

➣ Thanks to its transparent nature, the 39″ Plastic Channel can easily blend in with any environment.

➣ The high-quality durable plastic material can be quickly cut to fit custom projects, helps dissipate heat, and is easy to install due to its lightweight construction.

➣ Installation is a breeze thanks to the simple push-in design: simply line up the bottom end of the Driverless LED Strip lights with the beginning of the plastic channel, then apply pressure on the Driverless LED strip lights until they snap into place at the bottom of the channel.
Once the strip is level with the top of the plastic channel, carefully repeat the process down through the strip inch by inch.

Product Features:

– 39-inch Length

– Fits most of Single Color Driverless LED Strip Light and RGB Strip Lights

– Simple Push-in Design

– Durable Plastic Construction

– Perfect for Long Straight Runs

– Lightweight for Easy Installation

– Permanently Keep the 5050 Driverless LED Strip Lights in Place

LED Strip Lights

The Commercial LED’s Flexible LED strip lights are a perfect solution for a wide variety of architectural and accent lighting applications including; cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, back-lighting, pathway lighting, and decorative lighting.

The Commercial LED’s Ultra Bright W-Series (wide) flexible LED strip lights are made with wire leads on both ends of each 16.4′ reel and can be cut every 2″ (12VDC), allowing you to cut pieces to the exact length that you need.

Quality and Performance

Not all LED products are made equal.
Our superior quality flexible PCBs (printed circuit boards) and automated SMT equipment ensure a top-notch product that runs cooler and lasts longer, and we use binned LED chips that are sorted to ensure the highest level of consistency and luminous efficacy.

Consistency and Reliability

Our commercial electrician, contractor, and OEM manufacturing customers have been buying from us for years because they know our product has unmatched consistency. We recognize that you don’t want to worry about changing dimensions, color temperatures varying, products not being available anymore, or unreliable customer service.

Power Transformers SMPS

The Commercial LED’s is an Importer and Distributor  dedicated to the standard power supply (DC output )

The Commercial LED’s professionally trained teams provide local and prompt support to the customers and partners in North America for their power supply needs, provide value-added services for flexible modifications and power solutions.

The Commercial LED’s  trained staff of sales and technical engineers work closely with direct OEMs as well as distribution partners to provide standard off-the-shelf and customized power solutions to fit most applications.

Feel free to contact one of our sales representatives for more information to experience what makes The Commercial LED’s your responsible POWER Engine.


The Signs are one of the most effective ways to reinforce your advertising message or brand identity. We offer a range of signage options produced on the highest-quality, durable materials including in-store posters, presentation posters, vehicle graphics, trade show graphics, floor graphics, promotional banners, and special event signs.
The Commercial LED’s offers a range of products:
  •  Channel Signs
  •  Outdoor Lightboxes
  •  Awnings / Vestibules
  •  Standing Signs
  •  Window Graphics
  •  Wall Graphics
  •  Indoor Signs
  •  LED Signs (Customized)


Indoor and outdoor banners have long been one of the most eye catching ways to communicate messages. At Apple Exhibits, we pride ourselves in using only the highest grade material and equipment so that we can offer you exceptional banners and other assorted sign products. The combination of great material and exquisite printing quality makes our finished pieces beautiful and remarkably durable. Our construction techniques include sewn, hemmed, stitched, welded, pole-pocket, grommets and printed

Trade Show

A full service design, fabrication & management company specializing in tradeshow exhibits and events. We provide complete design, installation, and dismantle personnel or coordinate through existing show contractors and storage (30,000 Sqft warehouse) of trade show and exhibit properties.
  •  Inline Booths
  •  Island Booths
  •  Pop Up Booths
  •  Display Rental

LED Signs

An upgrade to conventional signage, LEDs provide a stunning impact to all aspects of advertising such as visual merchandising, marketing displays, trade shows, and more. Adding LED lights to storefront signs will create a brighter, more welcoming attribute to your store and will help attract more customers through your doors. A new product that we have developed is the LED Acrylic Display, one of the thinnest, lightweight LED signs in the market. All products are customizable with a quick turnaround.
  •  LED Light Boxes
  •  LED Designed Panels
  •  LED Acrylic Display
  •  LED Outdoor Stand

Security Camera Systems

Get Remote Access, Anywhere Anytime. Control has never been so easy with Free App. View your Business and Home via Smart Phones or through Window Based Computers. Even when you are in the office or traveling you can check what’s happening to your Home or Business on the go. 

Our HD CCTV security cameras are at least 3-5 times sharper than standard analog cameras. This is because HD cameras are measured in megapixels, far beyond what standard definition will get you. The higher the resolution and megapixel count, the sharper the image.
One great benefit of higher-definition cameras is that you can digitally zoom or ‘blow up’ an HD picture, and the integrity of the image will remain better intact rather than appearing pixelated or blurry like the older analog CCTV security cameras.

There are 2 types of HD CCTV security camera technologies: HD-over-Coax systems and IP-based systems. A recorder that supports HD over coaxial cable is called a digital video recorder (DVR). IP cameras connect to an (NVR) network video recorder using ethernet or network cable.
By us, both DVR and NVR units provide the same essential functionality. Either can be used to view live or recorded video and also to view your cameras remotely on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

One of the main differences for these CCTV security types is the type of cable used to connect the recorder and cameras of the CCTV security systems.
Only HD over Coax recorders is backward compatible for older analog cameras. In other words, you can buy HD security cameras or use any existing analog cameras with our HD over Coax digital video recorders.

Another consideration when designing a video monitoring solution is storage. Most customers want to store their captured video footage for 7-10 days. All of our Video Recorders have internal hard drives inside the units where the CCTV security video is stored. We only use surveillance-grade hard drives for the best durability. The higher-resolution cameras will require more storage simply because they consume more data. This is why we offer customers the ability to increase the size of their hard drives to meet their exact storage needs.

HVAC & Boiler

An HVAC system is equipment, technology, and processes that go into
  • Heating
  • Cooling 
  • Ventilating a commercial or residential property

Typical equipment included in this definition includes air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, ductwork, ventilation lines, filters, and other air quality products.

The important thing to know is that HVAC equipment moves air.
In general, a system exists to move warm air elsewhere, either into the home or out of it. A home’s air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace capture or create the heat, then the blower and ductwork help to facilitate the movement.

It’s important to remember that a central air HVAC system is a living, breathing system that functions.
The heating system isn’t siloed off entirely from the cooling system, and the parts and processes that help both functions properly often overlap.